sábado, 16 de junho de 2007

Horse Interview

This is a horses opinion about the global warming, a subject that have been on evidence lately...

- We do our best in every movies we do, but we're trying to get better and better... so if you wanna help us, if you have any idea for a movie, mail us: aaaaital@iol.pt!!!

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Kevin D disse...


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clickme disse...

The horse did not said anything...look like not successful interview...may be the horse are shy


Aaaai! Tal disse...

Ok, So I removed the link to fuelmyblog

klioss disse...

Nice work Tal! and guys! the horse is speechless from your directness , not shy! :-)) keep up the good work!
Cheers Klio at www.klioreport.com

Anônimo disse...

I had a laugh. You guys are comedy prodigies.


becky disse...

I think the horse was just having a bad day, maybe another interview is in order.

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? disse...

horses ain't shy:

madhuri disse...


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Anônimo disse...

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Vlad disse...

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Annete disse...

Hi Guys !!

You are doing a good job, very nice and funny video.
Really I enjoyed. Keep posting such blogs.

Thanks & Regards
Annete Duffel

Anônimo disse...

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