sábado, 5 de maio de 2007

Do english people like movies with subtitles?

That is a question we have to make! We, in Portugal, are used to watch subtitled movies! But how do english feel when they have an english subtitled movie? That is a very important issue, because we made a movie, called "the cicada and the ant (street version)", wich has that form, because we feel most confortable making movies in our mother language, the portuguese, wich is perfectly normal, but we don't know if we should continue making the movies in portuguese, and than make the subtitles, or if we should have a worst movie, but spoken in english! Give us your opinion! Tell us what you think!... Help us getting better... Cheers

7 comentários:

noddyy disse...

I believe they prefer english films, but I'm not english, I can't answer!

Lordofthepucara disse...

I want to know that too... someone can respond? =S

rain disse...

Some English people don't mind sub-titles, but in my experience the majority couldn't be bothered. My suggestion would be to make it as visual as possible so that language isn't as important.

Aaaai! Tal disse...

Make it visual? Yes, that is a great idea... thanks... I still wait for more opinions, but it was a good suggestion!

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